Quality education is the only way to national development, survival and contributing to a better world order. We at Gagan Bharti strive hard to reach this goal with a sound education system..


A carefully planned academic syllabus ensures that the child enjoys the years spent in learning and discovery and acquires a sound understanding of concepts in Mathematics, Science and Humanities..


Academic & Sports achievement is the core of what is measured at our school. We strive to empower our students with the ability to discover and achieve their full potential..

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LIFE AT Gagan Bharti Public school

We encourage our students to work in the direction of their dreams. We pride ourselves on providing a unique all- round education that makes every child want to be a risk taker and try out new experiences.

The Gagan Bharti School is known for its capacity to engage students at many different levels and while learning is exciting within the classroom, it is equally important outside. A child is inspired to achieve his/her highest potential under the care and guidance of some of the best teachers of the country. Our students embrace new experiences, welcome challenges and push their limits every day through experiential learning and hands on projects – “they pursue big ideas with relentless dedication and embody the spirit of being the positive change that defines who we are.”.

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